Thursday, 7 July 2016

Automatic Invoice Processing now available for Sage with PaperLess Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Book your Free Online Demo of PaperLess Document Management for SageReducing time spent on manual data input and increase data accuracy levels are some of the challenges many Sage users face, especially the ones dealing with large volumes of invoices. In order to automate data input processes, Sage users have now available PaperLess Document Management with incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, enabling Sage users to significantly increase invoice processing speeds.
This Sage Developer solution has the added advantage that documents are automatically linked to transactions in Sage, meaning that Sage users can now retrieve all their accounting documents by doing a simple look-up directly from within Sage.
Are you wondering how does it work?
Automatic Invoice Recognition with associated workflows is core part of PaperLess, a software that integrates seamlessly with your accounting system turning manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 80% success rate.
What can Sage users expect when using PaperLess?
  • Save time and resources on data input while increasing accuracy levels with Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • Turn manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 90% success rate
  • Eliminate the need to outsource data input services, saving money and the hassle it represents
What our clients say about PaperLess
Scott Gibson Eventura’s Consultancy Director
Colin Mayrs, Blair’s Caravans Managing Director
Kurt Roberts, ACCA MAAT Management Accountant for CPL Training Group Limited
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