Monday, 26 September 2016

Document Approval Software for Sage – How does it work?

Book your Free Online Demo of PaperLess Document Management for SageBusinesses are looking for efficient document approval software that saves time and reduces manual data entry. PaperLess document approval function enables businesses to track any document that requires approval by other people through the workflow process.
This means that your colleagues who are involved in the approval process can have access only to the selected documents pending for approval. With PaperLess document approval software, companies can set up multiple approval flows with one or more people in each thus free those documents trapped in the process by a person who is unable to take action. Responsible colleagues can make comments on the document, and refuse the approval with reasons.
For accounting transactions, once the document approval process is complete the person in charge can make a final check on the transactions, or amend any accounting lines for the document prior to posting into your existing accounting application.
In the PaperLess archive, users are able to see the history of the approval process for each document that they have been involved with. There is a comprehensive set of secure accounting user rights which provides different levels of access rights so general business documents can be kept in the Other Document Archive separate from the Accounting Archive. There are 8 user rules in the PaperLess document approval software to control the levels at which users can approve what documents. Businesses can design effective document approval processes as well as maintain the highest levels of security. Colleagues can have access to certain documents with different levels of user rights granted.
Businesses are also able to approve their documents using the PaperLess document approval software wherever and whenever they want. PaperLess Remote Access is a convenient tool that allows businesses to have access to any documents via the Internet securely. The secure Remote Access is encrypted. There will be no delay of document approval even if your colleagues involved in the project are out of the office. All other PaperLess features are available in Remote Access such as automatic invoice recognition and document archiving.
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