Monday, 15 June 2015

Tips for Sage - How to instantly Add Documents to Sage?

Companies now can add documents to Sage instantly by using the PaperLess flexible Add Documents function. PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 and Sage 200. Digitising your paperwork in the beginning of your business processes saves time and money because it is more efficient to manage documents electronically.
Every day business receives documents from partners, customers, suppliers, and so on. It is important to be able to digitise them as early as possible in order to reduce manual data entry and manual errors during the work flow process. If you receive paperwork by post, you can scan them directly into PaperLess offering fast integration with Sage, and then flexibly add documents to Sage. This means you are able to post any accounting transactions from PaperLess to Sage directly after invoice approval for Sage without leaving your computer.
Today most of businesses exchange documents via emails and save them in computers. These electronic documents include purchase invoices, purchase orders, agreements, holiday forms, and so on. There is no need to print them out for editing or approval. All you need to do is to drag and drop documents directly from your emails or any other file location in your computer. The PaperLess flexible edit TIF function allows you to merge, split and re-organise documents electronically so working through a batch of paperwork is quick and easy.
Accountants can add documents to Sage from PaperLess because synchronisation only happens in the background. First of all, clients can upload documents to PaperLess workspace for their accountants to view and work on by using the PaperLess Add Documents function. Once accountants complete bookkeeping and accounting work, they can then assign and notify clients for approval without leaving the PaperLess workspace. After approval, accountants are able to post transactions with documents attached into Sage from PaperLess. No time is wasted waiting for synchronisation as this happens instantly.
Adding documents to Sage from PaperLess is secure as you can always view transactions in both Sage and PaperLess. You can move the document in view without leaving the accounting lines. Data entry is quick so you save lots of time by viewing all the data together. The document viewed from Sage in PaperLess will show the document and all the approvals history with accounting information.VAT applies in an international context both in relation to EU and non-EU transactions, whether goods or services. 
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