Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Going Cloud and Cloud Sharing - Know the Risks!

Going cloud and sharing documents on a variety of online tools available to any internet user is becoming increasingly common and in fact provides the flexibility and agility that nowadays companies need to have in order to succeed. There are however some dangers namely regarding cyber security and data privacy compliance.
Companies need to ask and answer some questions, like:
  • Who will have access to my documents?
  • Are my documents well protected?
  • Am I in compliance with the legal requirements?
Ensuring the security and privacy of your documents is even more important when dealing with financial paperwork, which represents the major part of the total amount of documents any company stores. Apprehension increases when studies* show that 46% of individuals do not realise that by hosting their information on cloud servers, it has the potential to be stored anywhere in the world.
Hence it is critical to ensure that people are well aware of the risks and that best practices are followed by implementing a document management solution that ensures the privacy and security of all data while providing the flexibility and agility companies need. That is one of PaperLess software many goals, to ensure both security of all data with privacy rules up to document level while, at the same time, enabling companies to easily share their documents across different departments as well as with external collaborators and clients.
In order to do so and because financial documents represent a major part of the number of documents companies need to store, PaperLess integrates seamlessly with different accounting packages (Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite, SoftOne Professional, UNIT4 Multivers, DI-Business, Mamut Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Exact Globe and Eyesel Business Suite). This allows PaperLess clients to both share documents through PaperLess software but to also have those same documents directly linked to the transactions in the clients’ accounting software.
In order to increase security and make sure companies keep control at all times over their documents, PaperLess documents are stored on the client’s server and not somewhere in the cloud, something that will only happen if the client has a hosted server. A major security advantage especially when with PaperLess Remote Access users can still securely and easily share and exchange all types of documents directly from their computer like if they were working in the cloud but with all security that only a Server Based Application can offer.
PaperLess also allows users to take document management one step forward with Automatic Invoice Recognition that reduces the need for manual data input up to 80% and Document Approval Flow that gives users a complete audit trail of the document approval process. A new approach to document management and document sharing that brings together the best of both worlds.
*Survey carried out by the Information Commissioner’s Office
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Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller
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Friday, 26 June 2015

Go PaperLess With Green Technology Seamless Integrated with your Accounting Package

More businesses are ready to go paperless with green technology. Companies are changing their business processes to be clean, green and lean. PaperLess reduces companies’ environmental impact, eliminates the high cost of paper document storage, saves money with lower printing and copying costs and improves efficiency by saving time locating documents.
It is easy to go PaperLess with green technology, businesses can easily manage all their paperwork and computer files in one centralised system. PaperLess enables businesses to scan documents directly into PaperLess and also add any electronic documents such as PDF’s, Word and Excel documents. One can even print directly into PaperLess which is great for email archiving. A centralised document management solution with powerful search feature means that users can find any documents in seconds.
When businesses go PaperLess with green technology, they can relax whilst PaperLess automatically synchronises with Sage. PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 20 Suite and is compatible with Cloud implementations. No user interaction is required as synchronisation happens at background instantly. Automatic invoice recognition extracts the relevant data from your invoices and creates transactions ready to post directly into Sage from within PaperLess, archiving the document at the same time. Colleagues can also open up the document associated with any transaction from within Sage.
A PaperLess user with the appropriate user rights can see all Sage transactions and any documents associated with those transactions. There is no need for them to be a Sage user. Within PaperLess, you can secure the users access rights, so each user sees what they need to see, and no more.
PaperLess encourages businesses to go paperless with green technology because they will never lose track of their workflow processes and documents. Businesses can keep control of their entire workflow processes by using Document Approval for procedures such as invoice approvals, credit notes, HR procedures, quotations, customer correspondence, purchase orders, proof of delivery, etc.
One can also access all documents and transactions via the Internet with the highest levels of security using PaperLess Remote Access. Remote workers, branches and overseas offices can also go paperless with green technology with highly secure AES encryption. Go PaperLess with green technology today and learn how to make your business simple, smart and secure.
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Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller
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Tips for Sage – How are Sage Accountants Going PaperLess?

One of the many challenges accountants have to face is how to improve both the efficiency and profitability of the work they do for their clients. Another challenge is how to enable clients to share documents with them online in a secure way and within the data protection legislation. If your clients are using the postal system to send documents for processing, you will have to cope with duplicate invoices, documents getting lost in the post, storing the documents when you process them, risk of losing documents in your office, which are time consuming, frustrating, and costly.
PaperLess helps Sage accountants work with their clients more efficiently and securely. PaperLess takes all the hassle away because clients can now use PaperLess ClientAccess to add documents and transfer them to their Sage accountants via the Internet, so there are no more documents getting lost in the post. PaperLess also checks for duplicate documents, so accountants are able to manage their clients’ paperwork in a more organised way. In addition to ClientAccess Transfer, clients can approve documents and see all documents and transactions in the Accounting Archive. Archiving all your documents in PaperLess saves your office spaces and prevents the risk of losing documents in your office. Clients enjoy using PaperLess ClientAccess with their accountants because they are able to get rid of paper, speed up invoice processing, and at the same time keep track of their business processes and documents.
PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50, meaning Sage accountants can complete the entire workflow process without giving up their accounting application. PaperLess automatic invoice recognition reduces manual data entry and human errors by extracting the relevant data from invoices and enabling accountants to edit accounting voucher without leaving the accounting lines, so Sage accountants can spend more valuable time on higher priority tasks and meeting deadlines.
PaperLess Accountants are using Sage to work with their clients so that clients can upload files and scanned documents, add comments to document images, run invoice recognition on invoices, approve documents and transfer them to PaperLess Accountants for processing. Accountants can then post the transaction into Sage with the relevant documents directly from PaperLess. Their clients are happy as they now have a full approval system for their purchasing and have access to all documents via the Internet. PaperLess is a comprehensive document management solution that improves practice efficiency and increases accountant’s client loyalty.
Become a PaperLess Accountant for Sage today and learn how PaperLess can help you work more efficiently and securely with your clients.
What our clients say about PaperLess
Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Check now our latest special offer - Free Dispute Approval method

Book your demo of PaperLess until 30th June and get the new PaperLess Dispute Approval Method* for Free, a powerful feature that will allow you to make sure your VAT is registered as early as possible in Sage 50 Accounts, giving you a better cash flow situation and ensuring that companies' costs are booked, but not released, for payment in Sage 50 Accounts until the last recipient in document flow has approved the invoices.  

Take a look at the video and get to know more about this powerful PaperLess software feature which you can have for Free, just Book Your Demo Now.

  • Automatically post invoices into Sage when sending for approval in PaperLess while having them automatically stopped for payment pending corrections and dispute resolution;
  • Improve cashflow situation by having VAT registered as early as possible in Sage 50 Accounts;
  • Complete audit trail of the entire approval process so that you can forever have easy access to what changes were made and by who;
*Only available for clients with Document Flow module
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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

PaperLess for Sage Free Webinar - Book Your Place Now

Take a look at this short video and get an idea of what you will be able to see during PaperLess for Sage Webinar, from Automatic Data Capture to having all Documents Directly Linked to your transactions in Sage with a complete Audit Trail of the Approval Process. 
Click to Register onPaperLess Webinar

Monday, 15 June 2015

Tips for Sage - How to instantly Add Documents to Sage?

Companies now can add documents to Sage instantly by using the PaperLess flexible Add Documents function. PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 and Sage 200. Digitising your paperwork in the beginning of your business processes saves time and money because it is more efficient to manage documents electronically.
Every day business receives documents from partners, customers, suppliers, and so on. It is important to be able to digitise them as early as possible in order to reduce manual data entry and manual errors during the work flow process. If you receive paperwork by post, you can scan them directly into PaperLess offering fast integration with Sage, and then flexibly add documents to Sage. This means you are able to post any accounting transactions from PaperLess to Sage directly after invoice approval for Sage without leaving your computer.
Today most of businesses exchange documents via emails and save them in computers. These electronic documents include purchase invoices, purchase orders, agreements, holiday forms, and so on. There is no need to print them out for editing or approval. All you need to do is to drag and drop documents directly from your emails or any other file location in your computer. The PaperLess flexible edit TIF function allows you to merge, split and re-organise documents electronically so working through a batch of paperwork is quick and easy.
Accountants can add documents to Sage from PaperLess because synchronisation only happens in the background. First of all, clients can upload documents to PaperLess workspace for their accountants to view and work on by using the PaperLess Add Documents function. Once accountants complete bookkeeping and accounting work, they can then assign and notify clients for approval without leaving the PaperLess workspace. After approval, accountants are able to post transactions with documents attached into Sage from PaperLess. No time is wasted waiting for synchronisation as this happens instantly.
Adding documents to Sage from PaperLess is secure as you can always view transactions in both Sage and PaperLess. You can move the document in view without leaving the accounting lines. Data entry is quick so you save lots of time by viewing all the data together. The document viewed from Sage in PaperLess will show the document and all the approvals history with accounting information.VAT applies in an international context both in relation to EU and non-EU transactions, whether goods or services. 
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Friday, 12 June 2015

PaperLess Strengthens position in the UK with new Business Partnerships

PaperLess Europe continues its growth in the UK market and has now established a new Business Partnership with Impress Solutions, a Sage Certified Business 
Partner which will ensure the best costumer service and Sage expertise to all PaperLess' clients to whom Impress Solutions will be providing support services.
Impress Solutions clients will now have easy access to a software that goes far beyond the traditional document management solutions. Due to the seamless integration with both Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite, Sage users can now have:
  • Automatic Data Input with PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition benefiting from a success rate of around 80%.
  • Have all accounting documents directly linked to their transactions, with look-up of documents directly from Sage.
  • Complete Audit Trail of the entire document approval process.
  • Secure remote access allowing users to remotely post transactions into Sage as well as view all transactions and approve all documents through a simple, smart and secure remote connection. 
  • Work side by side with their clients, with PaperLess ClientAccess Accountants and Bookkeepers can work directly with their clients via PaperLess, all their clients have to do is login into the software from where they can easily send all documents directly through PaperLess, approve them or check the status of their accounts with PaperLess Accounting Archive. 
Formed in 1997, Impress Solutions has built a team of experts who provide insightful, intelligent solutions and are able to look at businesses from a number of different perspectives, which the company had proved time and time again to be the kind of successful approach that brings results.
To know more about Impress Solution visit: www.impress-solutions.co.uk
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Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Jeffrey Summer, Mulderij’ Relationship Manager
Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant
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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Grenland Data saves time equal to one full time staff position with PaperLess software

With an extensive experience in the IT industry, Grenland Data is a Norwegian company that started its operations in January 2000, focusing on providing IT services to small and medium enterprises in the Grenland region. Currently, the company is the leading player in the Grenland SMB market. As a company providing professional hardware and software solutions, Grenland Data started by implementing PaperLess software on one of its clients, Sipak. That first implementation made the company managers aware of PaperLess software’s full potential, so they decided to start using PaperLess software in their own business, aiming to “make document flow better and administrative processes more effective…” says Øyvind Haugen, Grenland Data Business Developer.
  • Increase data input speed  and data accuracy levels
  • Improve document flow and the speed on administrative processes
  • Find all data fast and easily crosscheck sales invoices with purchases
  • Reduce the risk for human error and time spent on data analysis
Øyvind states that “although the software is very powerful at the same time it is so easy and simple to use, making the start-up process and employees’ training really fast and simple.” This enabled the company to “…soon after the software implementation start to see a significant reduction in time spent on looking-up invoices and an easier document flow across the different departments,” states the responsible. An opinion strengthened by Morten Paulsen, Grenland Data Manager, which considers “PaperLess as an extremely valuable tool for me as a manager to crosscheck sales invoices with purchases…”
Automatic Invoice Recognition to reduce time spent on data input, ease of use and powerful search features in accounting archive were some of the main features that led Grenland Data to implement PaperLess software. Currently the benefits go far beyond that, being that Øyvind stresses that PaperLess software has “reduced both the risk of human error and the time spent on comparing a purchase invoice with a sales invoice…”
Some of the main benefits experienced by Grenland Data
PaperLess brought savings and better performance levels to Grenland Data, which are experienced across the entire company. The representative states that “implementing PaperLess freed up time equal to one full time staff position” and that the company now has better control of their costs, due to the accounting archive powerful search feature that, among many other things, allows them to easily check if a purchase invoice has in fact been invoiced to the customer.
Torben Halvorsen, PaperLess representative, focus this as a vital point because“…by using PaperLess Grenland Data can easily make sure that all their clients are receiving the invoices for the services provided, something that as weird as it may sound is a problem for many companies that have problems in making sure that they are charging all services provided…”Torben adds that “the opposite also happens, the lack of control causes companies ending up invoicing clients more than once for the same services, harming the image that clients have of the company and jeopardizing the long-term business relationship.”
  • Increased data accuracy levels and less time spent on data input
  • Savings equals to one full time staff position
  • All data easily accessible increasing data analysis speed
  • Less human errors with all clients properly invoiced for the services provided
  • Release resources towards areas that bring new businesses to the company
  • Optimized layout making the software easy and fast to use
  • Employees working faster and more accurately
PaperLess provided Grenland Data with a set of features and benefits that all together translates into less time spent in administrative processes and more time to talk to customers, creating new businesses opportunities, thus increasing company revenues and profitability.
“It is so easy and quick to use PaperLess when doing the accounting” says Øyvind, considering these to be very important characteristics that explain the fast ROI that companies experience after implementing the PaperLess solution. The representative considers that the “hotkey layout, optimised to be as effective as possible,” is also very important for the success and differentiation of PaperLess software, because it enables people to work faster and more accurately.
Grenland Data emphasises the quality of the service provided by PaperLess to its clients, the continuous software developments the company undertakes in order to make their customers happy and the attention it pays to clients’ feedback as clearly distinctive and valuable factors that explain PaperLess Europe’s success.
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Automatic Data Input in Sage with OCR technology - Video Now Available

PaperLess, a software that integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts turning manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 80% success rate.
Play now this short video that gives you a brief explanation on how PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition feature works and how it allows you to automate your data input processes while linking your documents directly into Sage.

It only takes 20 minutes for a private online demonstration, where you will learn how to avoid mistakes and dramatically speed-up the process of inputting purchase, sales and other documents straight into Sage Line 50.
  • Save time and resources on data input while increasing accuracy levels with Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • Turn manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 80% success rate
  • Eliminate the need to outsource data input services, saving money and the hassle it represents
  • Have all your accounting documents directly linked to Sage
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Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Jeffrey Summer, Mulderij’ Relationship Manager
Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Automatic Data Input with Direct Posting into Sage - Take a look at the video

As Sage Developer PaperLess developed a powerful software that integrates seamlessly with Sage, so take a look at this 30 seconds video and find out how you can have Automatic Data Input with Direct Posting into Sage of all your accounting documents. A simple and fast process that also allows you to have all your documents directly linked to your transactions in Sage.
Yes, this is the best way to manage all your accounting documents socontact us now for a 20 minutes Free Online Demo. 

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Do you know it is now possible to make the lookup of documents directly from your Sage?

Imagine how it would be and how much time you will save if you could have all your documents directly linked to your Sage transactions.
Now that is possible with Ctrl + Alt + P in Sage
With PaperLess you can have all your documents organised and easily accessible by having them directly linked to the corresponding transactions in Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 200 Business Suite, allowing you to save time and money while increase productivity and efficiency levels. To better explain you how you can do this we would like to invite you to a PaperLess Free Online Demo.
Book your Free Online Demo and learn how to exploit the full potential of your accounting system with PaperLess, a powerful software solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite. 
  • How can you easily have all documents linked to Sage transactions and look them up directly from Sage.
  • How you can post transactions directly from PaperLess into Sage and automatically update numerous fields.
  • How you can have all your accounting and non-accounting documents digitally stored and organised, with secure online access to you, your employees and clients.
Booking your Free Online Demo is Simple, Smart and Secure, just click here and send us an email so that we can schedule it accordingly to your best convenience. See now why PaperLess has been chosen to be present in more than 1700 sites across Europe and how we help our clients to save time and money, while increasing company's productivity and profitability.  
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Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Jeffrey Summer, Mulderij’ Relationship Manager
Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant
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Monday, 8 June 2015

What are the 7 best ways to handle all your documents?

Some software applications help you handle outgoing documents and even document filing for these outgoing documents too. But when you are still receiving loads of paperwork every day sent from suppliers, authorities and customers, you need software to ensure you can avoid drowning under extra paperwork. In this article you can find 7 new ways to handle your incoming documents and what a good document management system can do for your business:
  • Increase Productivity Levels and Revenue Margins
  • Increase efficiency levels with system automation
  • Reduce operational costs across the entire company
  • Communicate live and exchange information with clients
  • Gain competitive advantages and differentiation factors
PaperLess focuses on managing your incoming documents which means managing your entire workflow process in the organisation from adding documents to processing data, from approving documents to saving all types of transactions in the accounting or non-accounting archive.
So here are 7 new ways you can now improve in your day-to-day operations and how PaperLess can make your business more efficient:
1.    Adding incoming documents to PaperLess
  • Adding any type of incoming paper or electronic document in multiple file formats including office documents or any scanned image
  • Comprehensive user rights control so that certain users have restricted access to certain documents or folders
  • Multi-user, multi-company functionality so that certain company documents are restricted for certain users
  • PaperLess users do not have to be users in your accounting application
2.    Managing incoming paperwork
  • Never lose any time working out where your documents are in the business process
  • Locate any document quickly and easily
  • View all your documents in the PaperLess workspace, different views mean you can always see where your paperwork is within a business process
  • Create accounting transactions directly from the source document images and post the transactions directly into your accounting application
  • View the document in PaperLess from within your accounting application
3.    Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • PaperLess reads the document image and extracts accounting data ready for posting directly into your accounting application
  • Two layers of invoice recognition technology means high flexibility so that manual data entry is reduced
4.    Workflow Approvals
  • Any document, accounting or non-accounting related, can have one or more recipients attached to it for approvals
  • Full audit trail for each documents approval process
5.    Secure Remote Access
  • Remote Access application (9MB file) can be run anywhere via the Internet and has all PaperLess functionality available
6.    Other Document Archive
  • For non-accounting documents such quotations, HR documents, policies and procedures there is no need for any other external database or application
  • Any business document can be archived with its own meta-data so that it can be located within the PaperLess search functions
7.    Reporting
  • Extensive reporting options with output to Excel that enable reporting on documents posted in the accounting, outstanding in workflows and stored in non-accounting documents archive.
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Sage Additions Catalogue, take a look at it

Sage Additions catalogue gives you access a diverse range of solutions which have been designed by members of the Sage Developers’ Programme. Check out PaperLess on Sage Additions catalogue and see how PaperLess powerful document management features integrates seamlessly with Sage allowing you to have all your documents directly linked to your transactions in Sage enabling you to easily manage and find all your documents. 

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Jeffrey Summer, Mulderij’ Relationship Manager
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