Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How easy is it to link accounting documents directly to transactions in Sage?

PaperLess electronic document archiving software uses the latest Capture>Process>Archive methodology to capture your documents as early as possible, then process and approve both accounting and non-accounting documents within one workspace, and archive them securely so businesses can search for any document in PaperLess at a later stage.
Efficient workflow management plays a vital role for profitable businesses because it saves time and reduces manual errors so your business can gain a higher and quicker ROI. PaperLess electronic document archiving software does more than archiving so businesses can complete the entire workflow process without giving up their existing accounting applications. PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts, and Sage 200 Suite as synchronisation happens instantly in the background.
For all your accounting transactions, PaperLess digitises paper invoices by using Automatic Invoice Recognition to extract the relevant data from your invoices. This effectively reduces manual data entry and manual errors. PaperLess automatic invoice recognition for Sage is easy to use. It is quick to recognise the relevant data from your invoices and your colleagues can edit voucher information in PaperLess. Your colleagues can then send them to their team members for approval and post transactions with relevant documents directly into Sage from PaperLess. They will also be able to view documents in PaperLess at a later stage.

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