Friday, 15 January 2016

PaperLess tips for Sage - Managing documents directly from within Sage to save time and money...

Many companies are using Sage to manage their bookkeeping and accounting paperwork. More are looking for a valuable Sage add-on solution that not only manages accounting documents in Sage but also handles other electronic document managementfor Sage without compromising security.
You receive lots of electronic documents from your partners or clients every day such as purchase orders, invoices, agreements, and so on. With PaperLess you can add them directly from your email or computer to the PaperLess workspace or use the PaperLess Invoice Recognition for Sage to automatically extract invoice data to PaperLess so you are able to edit accounting lines and create customised template for particular suppliers. Transactions can be prepared for posting directly into Sage, and automatic invoice recognition can be used to reduce manual data entry.
It is very easy to manage all your electronic documents for Sage directly imported from PaperLess. Printing out papers and manually sorting them out are tedious and time consuming. It also causes unnecessary manual errors. By optimising the efficiency of electronic document management for Sage with PaperLess, you can sort out any documents, assign them for approval, and even post them to Sage instantly from PaperLess. Synchronisation with Sage only happens in the background every time you post transaction to Sage. It is fast and simple like that. If you want to store non-accounting documents securely, you can move them to the Other Document Archive in PaperLess. In Other Document Archive, PaperLess comprehensive and secure user rights for Sage allows you to authorise different levels of access rights to different colleagues from the company so they can only view certain documents. Using PaperLess integrated with Sage is simple, smart and secure.
In addition, PaperLess integrated with Sage enables you to use Remote Access to view transactions in Sage and their electronic documents via the Internet. Wherever and whenever you are, you can logon to PaperLess workspace, view and approve electronic documents for Sage with your colleagues online as usual. All PaperLess functions are accessible when using Remote Access, which provides you great flexibility and efficiency to work from wherever you are.
Maximise the efficiency of electronic document management for Sage by using PaperLess integrated to Sage 50 and Sage 200 today, find out more and book a demo with us to learn how PaperLess can improve your organisation’s efficiency with a quicker and higher ROI.

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