Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How much are companies spending on archive and storage space?

Many times hidden costs represent the difference between success and failure getting that client or loose it to one of your competitors. Archive management and storage represents one of the major hidden costs all companies face so a solution to this problem must be found.
With traditional paper methods there is the issue of physical space restrictions when the paperwork increases. Businesses using the paper method might resolve this with a filing system with filing cabinets or outsourcing their storage.
Among many other advantages PaperLess account management software allows you to store infinite amounts of data with only a computer and a desk required as storage eliminating at the same time the expense and hassle of outsourced storage. Besides this you can retrieve all you data through the click of a button increasing productivity levels and giving you competitive advantages.
  • Reduce archive management & storage costs
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Automatize company workflows
  • Improve productivity levels
  • Increase your profit margins

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Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller
Patrick Slomp, Mulderij’s Manager
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