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Reducing Manual Data Input with OCR Technology - How does it work?

Book your Free Online Demo of PaperLess Document Management for SageOCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a powerful technology adopted by an increasing number of companies, especially the ones dealing with large number of documents, to reduce time spent on manual data input. However there are challenges when choosing the best software, since one thing is to get the data from the documents another thing is to know what to do with that data.  
That is precisely why Sage Developer – PaperLess Europe – developed a document management software that also integrates a powerful OCR engine for Sage, enabling businesses to convert PDF to OCR and afterwards automatically post all this data directly into Sage. This way you not only automatically capture the data from the documents but you also have a software that knows what to do with that data, being that this is something that only a solution seamlessly integrated with Sage could offer to Sage users.
PaperLess uses two layers of sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract information from your invoices directly into PaperLess workspace. PaperLess also supports XML invoices. PaperLess can run invoice recognition on multiple invoices at the same time. Configuration to handle many different invoice formats is easy to manage. Automatic Invoice Recognition saves time and reduces manual data entry so that your office clerks can work more efficiently.
Converting PDF to OCR is crucial in the document workflow process because businesses have been relying heavily on the paper document management. With PaperLess, automated invoice processing is simple and smart.
First of all, use Add Document function in PaperLess to drag and drop your PDF documents from emails or computer into the PaperLess workspace. Alternatively, print the document into PaperLess by choosing PaperLess Printer in the option area. Once PDF documents are added, convert PDF to OCR by using PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition which takes only few seconds to recognise the relevant data from your invoices.
Converting PDF to OCR is quick and easy at the start of the workflow process. PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite and many more accounting applications because synchronisation happens instantly at background.
After documents are converted from PDF to OCR, PaperLess invoice recognition for Sage and other accounting applications allows businesses to post transactions directly to your existing accounting application. All transaction types can be prepared and then posted from PaperLess saving time and increasing efficiency. Documents are available to view in the Accounting Archive instantly without any waiting because PaperLess integrates with many accounting applications such as Sage, Pastel, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Mamut.
Additionally, all PaperLess functionality is available in Remote Access. Paperless Remote Access is a convenient function that enables businesses to have access to documents anywhere and anytime. The secure Remote Access via the Internet looks and feels the same as PaperLess workstation. Bandwidth requirement is low as documents are only viewed when needed.
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