Friday, 19 February 2016

Aberdeen Report shows that best in class companies spend just 20% of laggard companies costs with invoice processing

Lack of visibility into invoices and documents is cited in 45% of cases as the leading driver for change by companies looking at reducing the inefficiencies in their accounts payable departments, according to research made by the Aberdeen Group published in their report; “AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy.”*
The best in class companies in the Aberdeen report found that their costs were just 20% of the laggard companies for invoice processing and that it took them just 25% of the time. These companies are renowned for investing in technology that enabled the automation of invoice receipt and workflow processes, integrating this technology into their ERP systems.
For Sage 50 and 200 PaperLess has enabled best in class organizations to put an end to inefficiencies by automating processes from the moment documents are received. Taking these actions ensured that these companies had the capability to manage a centralised invoice management process, match purchase invoices with purchase orders, receipts and contract documentation.
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