Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Is there a way for you to have a document approval audit trail directly accessible from Sage?

Is there a way to make document flow effortless for your employees?
PaperLess software document approval function enables businesses to track any document that requires approval by other people through the workflow process. A system that integrates seamlessly with your Sage accounting software, allowing you to save time and reduce manual data entry through the automation of the entire process, from the moment documents are received until they are posted into your accounting software.
  • Faster approval processes leaving your resources available for other tasks
  • Automatic management of approval levels reducing complexity and time spent on it
  • Dynamic approval processes with real time information so that you can immediately act on it
  • Online document management & approval – no matter where you are all your data is available for consultation and approval
  • Complete audit trail of the approval flow increasing transparency and data security
Within PaperLess the document approval process allows you to set up multiple approval workflows with one or more users. Besides with PaperLess Remote Access you can give secure access to approved users to view documents and authorize transactions anywhere via the internet, reducing delays in authorization and improving process efficiency.
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