Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The nightmare of manual data input – Why does it still have to be so time consuming?

The good news is that it doesn't anymore... at least not if you are a Sage user!
With PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition software for Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite you can now automatically input all data directly into your accounting software. With more than 80% accuracy levels on invoice recognition your data input process will be much faster and accurate, allowing you to release company resources and allocate them to other tasks.
PaperLess software integrates seamlessly with your Sage accounting system allowing you to automatically have your accounting data processed and easily accessible. A powerful software with over 1700 installations throughout Europe, which relies on system automation to increase productivity levels and provide you with competitive advantages.
  • Automatic Invoice Recognition
    • All data is automatically recognized and uploaded to your system reducing time spent on manual data entry and eliminating typing errors.
    • Invoice approval workflow leading to streamlined invoice management. 
  • Documents and data easily found and accessed
    • No more time wasted on looking for documents, you will have access to all your accounting documents by doing a simple look-up from within Sage.
  • Creation and storage of electronic documents
    • No more time and money wasted on costly and inefficient filing systems.
  • Sharing information with colleagues and clients in real time
    • Faster communication between departments and with clients, improving productivity and satisfaction levels.
What our clients say about PaperLess
Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant
Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Paul Van der Baan, founder of Paray
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