Tuesday, 26 April 2016

MullerVisual Communication cut costs by moving towards PaperLess accounting

MullerVisual Communication is a printing specialist with a diverse range of products. In mid-2008, when facing the deteriorating economic situation, the company began looking for ways to cut costs. One of the measures was to switch to PaperLess accounting.
“Initially we were looking for a document scanning solution through one of our traditional suppliers,” says Bart Schulz, MullerVisual Communication’s administration responsible, “but at a trade show I met someone who told me that with UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess we could post invoices directly into the system.”
Schultz realized that a direct link to the accounting software saves a lot of time in data entering, and in his quest for more information he ended up meeting UNIT4’s partner – UniDis – who was able to provide him with a detailed explanation about the way UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess works and the benefits it could bring to his company.
  • Post Invoices directly into the accounting software
  • Savings on time spent in data entering
  • Non-accounting documents management & storage
  • Automatic filling of purchase invoices
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