Thursday, 7 April 2016

What to do when you get overwhelmed by the amount of paper you have to deal with?

Well the solutions is finding a software that allows you to automate your document management processes as much as possible, from automatic data input to automatic approval workflows in order to reduce processing times, to ensure that all documents can be retrieved in seconds  so that no more time is wasted going through piles of papers to find what you need.

For Sage users the solution is PaperLess’ Automatic Invoice Recognition feature allows you to easily and automatically convert paper documents such as typewritten or printed text into electronic files, making the transition from paper documents to their electronic file versions less tedious and time consuming.

In fact PaperLess revolutionized paperless account management system by creating a fast and pain free transition from paperless to electronic system and creating a portable record management system that can instantly be accessed from any location with a computer. 
  • Reduce paperwork and human errors with automatic invoice recognition
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with automatic matching of Purchase Orders
  • Automate all your processes with dynamic and customized workflows
  • Reduce costs and increase profit margins by doing more work with the same resources 

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Amy Jones, Eventura’s Financial Controller
Patrick Slomp, Mulderij’s Manager
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