Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bookkeeping in Sage – How can PaperLess give you the necessary competitive advantages?

Companies are looking for an efficient and simple solution for paperless bookkeeping with Sage. PaperLess improves your bookkeeping experience by effectively reducing manual data entry work and posting all types of transaction directly into Sage from the PaperLess workspace.
Many accountants use Sage for bookkeeping managements. PaperLess is good for accountants and their clients, and over 400 accountants in Europe are doing PaperLess bookkeeping with their accounting system, such as Sage, to work securely and efficiently. The biggest concern for accountants is how to exchange documents with their clients and get document approval from them without compromising privacy on accountants end.
PaperLess offers fast integration with Sage so both accountants and their clients can access documents and transactions in the PaperLess workspace. As an accountant, if you work in an accountancy firm, there is no software to install on each workstation so implementation is simple. Your clients only need to run a small light file to use PaperLess Remote Access online to access documents for approval or search for transactions and documents. You can complete all the paperless bookkeeping for Sage in PaperLess so that the document can be viewed with the transaction from within PaperLess for Sage and from within Sage itself.
With PaperLess, your clients can upload documents for you to process online. Vice versa you can also flexibly add documents for clients to approve within the same PaperLess workspace. There is always a clear audit trail of client approvals so all the documents for bookkeeping with Sage stay safe on your server. There is no third party involvement because you control the access to both PaperLess and Sage.
The PaperLess Accountants Programme provides accountants the choice of paperless bookkeeping with Sage. The programme is open to qualifying accountants and bookkeepers who wish to use PaperLess to work efficiently with their clients. The PaperLess bookkeeping with Sage reduces manual data entry by using the PaperLess automatic invoice recognition for Sage function. PaperLess checks for duplicate supplier invoices after running the invoice recognition process. When you and your colleagues approve transactions with documents attached, they can then be posted directly into Sage. Remote workers can use PaperLess Remote Access to work away from the office too so it is convenient and fast to get work done anytime and anywhere.
In addition, you can also archive all your internal practice working papers and secure them so that access is granted only to specified users, such as your colleagues. Therefore, PaperLess bookkeeping with Sage is simple, smart, and secure to use with your clients.What our clients say about PaperLess
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