Thursday, 9 July 2015

PaperLess on Barclays English Premier League together with Business Partner Harley Grove Ltd

PaperLess Europe have established a new successful Business Partnership with business software consultants, Harley Grove Ltd, who have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of PaperLess software at one of the football clubs in the Barclays English Premier League. Another successful installation that shows the growth and success of PaperLess in the UK market as well as its capability to adapt to different business areas: Accounting Offices, Publishing Companies, Football Clubs, etc.
PaperLess' capability of operating throughout different markets and business areas is due to the fact that paperwork in any business needs to be managed and controlled, and the best way to do this is to integrate the storage and access of and to this paperwork with the accounting software that those businesses use. This principal is a core part of PaperLess software and aims to provide a huge improvement to business’ efficiency.
Know more about the solution installed at a Barclays English Premier League Football Club
Established since 2005, Harley Grove Ltd is an independent Business Software Consultant with an extensive experience in Sage and other business software, focused on helping companies succeed by providing the best IT solutions for their businesses. The partnership established with PaperLess is in line with the company mission to provide the best IT Consultancy Services.
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