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Kjøs Regnskap in the cutting-edge of technology with PaperLess software

Kjøs Regnskap in the cutting-edge of technology with PaperLess software
Kjøs is a certified public accountant company authorized by the FSA and a member of the Norwegian Association of Authorised Accountants (NARF). With offices in Hamar, Norway, the company is proud of being in the cutting edge of technology, being PaperLess software considered as one of the main factors for it. For Olav Kjøs, Kjøs Regnskap’s Managing Director, “PaperLess is truly the leading product and it has changed the way we do accounting.”
Kjøs Regnskap started using Paperless back in 2009 with the goal of gaining competitive advantages by using the latest technology. Using digital management of documents, based on a capture-process-archive methodology, was the best way for an accounting company to achieve those goals and, at the same time, “to get rid of the most paper handling and solely work on the screen,” says Olav Kjøs.
  • Gain competitive advantages and differentiation factors
  • Get rid of paper handling and work digitally
  • Increase processing speeds 
  • Reduce the time spent on posting transactions
  • Be positioned as a company in the cutting-edge of technology
Kjøs Regnskap is also benefiting from a reduction of time spent on posting invoices into Mamut accounting application, along with a significant reduction of the storage space needed. The company Managing Director states that the gains PaperLess brought to the company are “…impossible to estimate…” but that definitely PaperLess has given them significant competitive advantages, namely the “possibility to remain being seen as a company that relies in cutting-edge technologies to provide the best service to their clients and also to differentiate that service through PaperLess ClientAccess, with more than two dozen licenses currently in use.”
Provide Secure Remote Access to Clients
Find all data fast and easily with PaperLess powerful search features
Handle all invoices in PaperLess including the ones in EHF/XML format
Eliminate paper-based accounting
Continuous gain of differentiation factors
What our clients say about PaperLess
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