Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Are you a Sage user... Then take a look at this video and see how to have Automatic Data Capture and Document Approval in Sage

Sage is a credible and comprehensive accounting application to manage all your accounting transactions but to boost the potential of this application Sage users have been looking for solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage and offers Automatic Invoice Recognition with Complete Audit Trail of the entire Approval process directly in Sage.
PaperLess provides you with a secure way to ensure that your entire purchase invoice approval process for Sage can be easily monitored. This means that any document which requires approval can be tracked through the approval process or even the entire work flow process. All purchase invoices can be managed and approved for Sage within the PaperLess workspace. More importantly, audit trail is clear for all users’ approvals. 
Take a look and this 2 minutes video and see how easy it is to have your Sage performance boosted by: 
  • Automatic Invoice Recognition reducing manual data input and increasing data accuracy levels
  • Document Approval with Online Access so that you can view and approve documents wherever you are
  • Complete Audit Trail of the Approval Process so that you have everything in one place: Documents, Accounting Information and Approval History
  • Documents and corresponding approval audit trail directly linked to Sage, all you need to do is a simple lookup from your Sage

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