Friday, 18 September 2015

Invoice Scanning and Automatic Invoice Recognition - Only available for Sage users

PaperLess is one the most efficient invoice scanning solutions that help organisations save time and money by reducing manual data entry and human errors on invoice processing. PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition uses two layers of sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract the relevant data from your invoices.
As one of the best invoice scanning solutions in the market, PaperLess encourages businesses to digitise their paper invoices in the beginning of the online document approval process by scanning them into PaperLess. PaperLess allows businesses to drag and drop documents from emails and computers. One can also print electronic invoices into PaperLess using the PaperLess Printer option. Once invoices are added into PaperLess, team members can run automatic invoice recognition and edit accounting information without leaving the accounting lines.
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PaperLess offers more than other invoice scanning solutions because it is also a centralised document management system that integrates seamlessly with Sage and many other accounting applications. Businesses can post accounting transactions directly from PaperLess into your existing accounting application using the PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition. Colleagues can then view the transactions with the relevant documents in PaperLess anytime later.
PaperLess supports XML invoices and can handle multiple suppliers with multiple document formats. Different from other invoice scanning solutions, PaperLess is designed for easy usability and better document management for organisations. PaperLess helps your company complete the entire workflow process within one workspace. This means that your accounting department can spend more time on higher valued tasks and meeting deadlines.
Additionally, what makes PaperLess unique as an invoice scanning solution is that businesses can work on documents from anywhere and anytime they want by using PaperLess Remote Access. Colleagues can still collaborate effectively while they are out of office. PaperLess invoice scanning software provides efficient and secure workflow management for your organisation.

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