Friday, 6 November 2015

PaperLess Tips for Sage – How to automatically post transactions onto Sage with Automatic Invoice Recognition?

With over 15 years of dedication to Accounting the PaperLess Way, PaperLess manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to making automatic invoice recognition for Sage. Users can use PaperLess advanced Invoice Recognition function to extract invoice data into the PaperLess workspace, run the invoice approval for Sage, and then post them into Sage instantly which only happens in the background.
Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage reduces manual data entry by extracting all the necessary information from your invoices into the PaperLess workspace, and then post directly into Sage. PaperLess uses two layers of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise the information on your invoices. PaperLess also supports XML invoices and can handle multiple suppliers with multiple document formats.

Every day you receive many invoices and orders at reception waiting for organising, approval, and archiving. Lots of time is spent on sorting the paperwork and then manually entering data into your computer. PaperLess automatic invoice recognition for Sage effectively saves time and reduces manual errors, PaperLess even checks for duplicate transactions when running invoice recognition.
The PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage is smart and easy to use. When you have an invoice scanned to PaperLess workspace, all you need to do is to run the invoice recognition by clicking on one button. It takes only 4 seconds to recognise and import all the data from the invoice into PaperLess accounting lines. You can then edit accounting lines and even create a template for future use so next time when you run invoice recognition for Sage from the same supplier PaperLess will automatically remember using the customised template for this particular supplier.
In addition, PaperLess automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage also allows you to recognise batched up invoices in one go. This is particularly useful when your company receives many invoices from a supplier on a regular basis. Instead of manually entering them into Sage one by one, you can first run invoice recognition on all invoices using the customised template, and then post them to Sage in one go. The PaperLess Invoice Recognition integrated with Sage 50 and Sage 200 maximises work efficiency in an organisation thus create a higher and quicker ROI.
PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 and Sage 200, so using automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage helps you to handle your document management in a more efficient way and to directly post transactions to Sage from PaperLess.
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