Friday, 20 November 2015

Sage Users Tips - Prevent fraud through automatic VAT validation in Sage

Provide an outstanding service to your clients with PaperLess software which, among many other benefits, enables you to prevent fraud by automatically validating VAT numbers on your supplier invoices. This way you can be sure that all VAT numbers on the invoices received are valid and that all data posted into your Sage accounting package is correct. A feature which is only a small part of what PaperLess software has to offer you.
What is paperless office software?
  • Automatically know whenever an invoice with a fraudulent VAT number is received, so that you can immediately act upon it;
  • Being a bookkeeper, differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing an outstanding and reliable service to your clients;
  • Instead of spending hours analysing data to find frauds, save time by automatically detecting them as soon as the invoice is received and processed in PaperLess;
  • Ensure a correct VAT return by eliminating non-valid invoices;
  • Prevent legal issues due to fraudulent VAT numbers;
What our clients say about PaperLess
Chris Houghton, Eventura’s Owner
Jeffrey Summer, Mulderij’ Relationship Manager
Pradip Shah, Ashgoal’s Business Consultant
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