Friday, 30 October 2015

Tips for Sage - Further Security for your Accounting Records with PaperLess Document Management for Sage

Protect your data and documents by using PaperLess secure user rights for Sage. PaperLess is a valuable Sage add-on solution, which helps organisations to manage both accounting and non-accounting documents prior posting into Sage. PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 seamlessly so your electronic document management for Sage is a breeze now.
Keeping general business documents in the PaperLess Other Document Archive provides further security for your accounting records. 
PaperLess document archive software is designed to There are 10 different user rights and a complete set of user rules for flexible control over workflows. This means you can build up effective process for your business while at the same time maintain the highest levels of security.
For business that operates multiple companies, each user can have access to one or more companies within PaperLess with different levels of secure user rights for Sage granted for each company. With one single window in PaperLess you can easily configure all your user rights. There are 8 user rules control the levels at which users can approve what documents.
Sometimes you need to collaborate certain projects with your colleagues online but do not want them to view accounting documents in PaperLess, you can set up authorisation right for them to be only able to view particular documents in Other Document Archive.

With PaperLess you can manage your non-accounting documents securely. You can give access to colleagues to non-accounting documents meaning you can avoid compromising security in the Accounting Archive and still collaborate effectively whilst avoiding any duplication of documents. Like in the Accounting Archive, security is strong in the Other Documents Archive. You can always control access to sensitive data. Sometimes you wish to attach certain documents to an accounting transaction so it can be posted to Sage later on with enough information attached, you can combine the documents from Other Document Archive with transaction in the Accounting Archive. PaperLess secure user rights for Sage allow you to prepare electronic documents within the PaperLess workspace without worrying about company privacy issue.
More importantly, secure user rights for Sage also applies for PaperLess Remote Access function when you are out of the office. Whenever and wherever you are, same user rules apply just the same by using PaperLess Remote Access via Internet.
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