Monday, 19 October 2015

Tips for Sage: How to have the complete Audit Trail of the Document Approval Process directly in Sage?

PaperLess is a centralised document management system that provides businesses with efficient online document approval. PaperLess makes sure businesses keep track of their documents in the online document approval process. All business documents such as holiday forms, travel expenses, and purchase orders can be managed by PaperLess Document Approval.
It is crucial for businesses to manage all their documents electronically and use an efficient online document approval solution for both accounting and non-accounting documents. If your business is still dealing with the hassle of paper documents, it is time to go paperless for a better online document approval process.
Online document approval speeds up the entire workflow process and avoids misunderstandings among your team members. For accounting transactions, once the document approval process is complete the persons responsible can then make a final check on the transactions and amend any accounting information directly in PaperLess prior to posting into your existing accounting application.
PaperLess online document approval solution integrates with Sage 50, Sage 200 and many other accounting applications, so it is quick and easy to post invoices directly from PaperLess without giving up your current accounting application. Invoice recognition with Sage saves your businesses time and money because it extracts the relevant data from your invoices so your organisation can reduce manual data entry and human errors significantly. Employees can spend time on higher valued tasks and meeting deadlines.
Businesses can also manage their non-accounting documents in a separate secure archive where flexible user rights are granted at different levels. Your team members can obtain different types of access rights for documents in the Other Documents Archive only without the need of viewing the whole Accounting Archive. This strengthens security in your accounting records as well as overall company privacy. Your team is still able to collaborate effectively whilst avoid saving duplicate documents in multiple locations.
The PaperLess centralised document management solution provides both businesses and accountants with a better online document approval process that will improve their working relationships both internally with colleagues and externally with their clients.
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