Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Euromaritime gets fast insight into all financial processes with PaperLess software

Euromaritime gets fast insight into all financial processes with PaperLess software
With PaperLess software installed in 39 ships Euromaritime is now able to manage all their accounting documents while their ships are at sea all over the world. Another successful PaperLess implementation as it is clearly shown by Bram Boone, Euromaritime’s Chief Financial Officer, when states that “it took a while before I got used to the idea of a PaperLess accounting, but I would not want to go back.”
The size of the company combined with the different sailing locations posted some challenges to the organisation, being difficult to maintain the accounts always up to date and transparent. In order to solve this Euromaritime, which since 1995 has been using the financial accounting software Unit4 Multivers, also started using PaperLess on its 39 ships allowing the company to  "always have a clear understanding of our accounts, even if our ships are on the other side of the world ... '' said Bram Boone, Chief Financial Officer of Euromaritime.  

Scan and Automatic Invoice Recognition allowing data to be captured and immediately visible in the company accounts.
Secure Remote Access allowing real time data exchange between ships and the company headquarters.
Simple, quick and easy to use with no need to have Bookkeeping knowledge to work with it.
Data validation allowing to significantly reduce the number of errors. 
Major efficiency boost allowing the adaption of new and more efficient working methodologies.

"While working together with Multivers, Euromaritime ran into a problem; the workload contained ups and downs, being that whenever a ship arrived to port the workload increased dramatically,” says Ton Luyk, responsible for Sales & Business Development of Unit4 Multivers to KNNS, adding that “we advised them that the solution for this would be to use PaperLess software so that they could, for example, scan and automatically extract data from invoices on the ship making it immediately visible in the company accounts.”
Ton Luyk also enhances that “with PaperLess software Euromaritime says they can always understand all the accounting, besides this being quick and simple to use, PaperLess is less error prone than the manual entry of invoices and enables Euromaritime to ensure a steady pace on their workload because information is sent and immediately available regardless of the ships’ location.”
Increased understanding and efficiency
''Before PaperLess skippers had to periodically spend a day in the office to do the bookkeeping so that they could afterwards go back to sea and now that is no longer necessary. Now all our skippers scan the invoices while at sea and they end up in our accounts. We have experienced a major efficiency boost with PaperLess and additionally we always have a clear understanding of our accounts, from any ship, even on holidays'' says Bram Boone, clearly satisfied by the choice in adopting PaperLess software. 
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