Friday, 30 October 2015

Tips for Sage – Increasing profits by efficiently managing all documents is the new trend among Sage users

PaperLess is a centralised document management system that PaperLess document archive software helps businesses store documents electronically saving both time and money for your organisation. PaperLess encourages businesses to digitise all their documents as early as possible in the workflow process so documents can be dealt with more efficiently and securely within one workspace.
PaperLess document archive software is designed to utilise the best features of Capture>Process>Archive to ensure a quicker and higher ROI for your organisation. PaperLess comprehensive user rights control protects your data and documentation. Both accounting transactions and business documents can be archived separately in PaperLess Accounting Archive and Other Documents Archive, providing further security for your accounting records. Each user has access to one or more folders within PaperLess with different levels of access rights authorised.
PaperLess document archive software has powerful search function that allows businesses to find any document in the PaperLess archives with the least amount of data required. Multiple search fields make it easy to locate the transaction or document your business needs.
With PaperLess Remote Access, all PaperLess functionalities are available wherever and whenever you are. This is a convenient tool that allows businesses to have access and be able to work on documents outside of the office. PaperLess document archive software is flexible and easy to use.
Additionally, PaperLess document archive software also captures data in the beginning of the workflow process. PaperLess can drag and drop documents from your emails or computer into the PaperLess workspace. Businesses can also print digital documents into PaperLess by using the PaperLess Printer. PaperLess is also invoice scanning software that uses Automatic Invoice Recognition to extract the relevant data from your invoices, so manual data entry can be reduced to the minimum. Your colleagues can edit accounting information without leaving the accounting lines.
PaperLess document archive software integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 as synchronisation happens at background instantly. Businesses are now able to post invoices directly from PaperLess into their Sage. PaperLess document archive software helps many businesses and accountants to work more efficiently and securely with their clients.
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