Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Digital Documents are now accessible through Sage – View the video to know more

PaperLess document storage software stores all your business documents electronically within one workspace. Both accounting and non-accounting documents can be archived in separate folders in the PaperLess workspace so companies can keep their data secure.
Efficient document storage plays a crucial role in the document workflow management for organisations. The first step of efficient 
document storage is digitising all your paper documents into your computer, saving the true cost of paper and manual data entry. The traditional document management methodology is Scan to Archive. However, the latest 
PaperLess Capture>Process>Archive methodology completes your entire workflow process, thus giving business a higher and quicker ROI. PaperLess document storage software helps your business save time, increase profit and reduce risk.
PaperLess document storage software enables businesses to drag and drop documents from emails and computer into PaperLess workspace. Alternatively, use PaperLess Printer to print documents directly into PaperLess. PaperLess automatic invoice recognition is a smart feature for automated invoice processing, which extracts the relevant data from your invoices into PaperLess by using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Businesses can reduce manual data entry significantly by running automatic invoice recognition for batched up invoices.

Businesses can post accounting transactions with the relevant documents attached directly from PaperLess into their existing accounting applications. PaperLess integrates with many accounting applications such as Sage 50, Sage 20, Mamut, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The synchronisation happens at background instantly, so there is no need for organisations to give up their accounting applications in order to go paperless. Colleagues can then view the accounting transactions stored in the PaperLess Accounting Archive.
Keeping general business documents in the PaperLess Other Documents Archive separate from the PaperLess Accounting Archive provides strong security for your accounting records. Business documents such as expenses, contracts, holiday forms, and purchase orders can be stored in the Other Document Archive. PaperLess document storage software offers 10 different user rights and a set of user rules for flexible control over workflow management. Businesses can structure effective workflow process as well as maintain the highest levels of security.
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